america's cutest
america's cutest
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is it too offensive to write dyke on a statue of the Virgin Mary and place her on top of a pedestal of colorful wieners for my thesis opening? I’m getting mixed responses from people.

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Tata's Pizza



this is the pizza place i work at some days outta the week. vegan pies, vegan fat sandwiches, vegan weird sandwiches, gluten free (tho not vegan!) pies. andy/georgette will literally make anything you want if you just ask for it. andy is very proud and excited for this website and i am excited to be there with him as he expands. 

there will be a pulled pork pizza soon and it’s very, very delicious. if you live in NB, or if you are just visiting, this is a stop you should make, for reaaaal. 

they have hoodies now?!

the true new brunswick experience. 

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7 Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music

this is really cool

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